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Curved to give an all over tan

Double Canopy Sunbeds

The ultimate home solarium

Double Canopy Sunbeds

Double sunbeds are ideal if you just want to lay down and relax close your eyes and drift into paradise even if its only for 10 minutes. With no turning around or standing up these really are for you if you just like to lay down. The approx size of a double sunbed is 6 foot x 25 inches

double canopy 1
double canopy 2
double canopy 3

  • All units are manufactured in top quality pine and fibre glass
  • Twin 10 minute timers fitted for extra safety
  • All units are curved for a better tanning experience
  • Tanning instructions and relevant warnings are fixed to each bed
  • Goggles provided at no extra charge
  • Polished individual reflectors for enhanced tanning
  • Vented overhead units and fan cooled bases for comfortable tanning
  • Higher powered tube combination

For home sunbed hire in Leeds please call us on 0113 2136889 for bookings or any enquiries that you may have.

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Home sunbed hire in Leeds please call us on 0113 2136889